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A Bit About Us


Stumpmunk Farms grows outside of downtown Sisters, Oregon. Our farm's name was inspired while watching a local family of chipmunks scampering over fallen logs doing chipmunk-y things, oftentimes looking out for danger sitting on stumps, ergo, Stumpmunk Farms.


Stumpmunk is run by Leah and Chad, with assistance from their two rescue pups Casey and Piper and a very vocal cat named Joey.

(RIP Jesse, whose constant purring helped us get this far.)

Leah is the grower, harvester, marketer, bookkeeper, and social media specialist. Chad handles construction, irrigation and tech support, with a bit of emotional support added to the mix when needed. The perfect wife/husband, owner/operator team.

Keeping your health, the environment, and wildlife on top of mind, we do not use any synthetic chemicals.

IMG_2786 (1).jpg


The stunning landscape that surrounds the farm energizes us daily and fuels our love of growing flowers. As we set down our own roots in Sisters Country, we hope you will join and grow with us, and our flowers provide your home or office with a spot of brightness and joy.

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