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2024 Flower CSA Shares Available


Flower CSA

Share love, beauty, and cheer through fresh, locally-grown flowers. Not only are you supporting a small, family-owned flower farm in Central Oregon, purchasing local flowers means you get get longer vase life, amazing fragrance, and variety in addition to helping bolster the local economy.

For 2024, we are offering 10-week Summer CSA subscriptions with two pick up location options below:


For subscribers in Sisters, we are thrilled to be partnering with Space In Common on Hood Avenue. Pick up will be on Saturdays, 10am-4pm.

For subscribers outside of Sisters, pick up will be at our store Flora Deschutes in Bend on Saturdays, 11am-4pm or Thursdays, 10am-1pm.


What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a way for us to bring fresh flowers directly from our field to your home. It offers you (the community) an opportunity to support agriculture (our flower farm) and to build a relationship with a farmer who may also be a neighbor!

Your up-front subscription payment helps us off-set initial costs of growing, i.e. seed purchases, fertilizers, compost, etc. In turn, you enjoy a portion of the harvest (fresh, farm-grown flowers) when ready.

With your subscription, you can expect to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers each week.


What’s in my bouquet?

Your bouquet will be made up of the best in bloom that week! Expect some of these stars, among other surprises, in your bouquet: anemones, ranunculus, sweet peas, and snapdragons in spring; cosmos, zinnias, sunflowers, and dahlias in summer.

Depending on weather and plant growth, expect the CSA program to start mid to late June. We will be in touch via email with updates.


The (Not So) Fine Print

As a supporter of a working farm, not only will you share in the bounty and harvest but also a risk of loss.


Farming in Oregon's high desert comes with a number of risks, changing weather being utmost in mind. Most of our flowers are grown in the open field and at the whim of Mother Nature. Therefore, if we do experience a loss in crop and cannot meet a dropoff, we will not be able to refund your fee. If we do anticipate a loss, you will be informed as soon as possible.

Ready for Flowers?

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